Mike Snow

Published: 5 February 2023

I contacted Paul with a view to improving my delivery of civil funeral ceremonies. I found him to be warm and welcoming, as well as professional and informative.

Paul has helped me immensely to analyse my delivery, take more pauses, embrace the people present, and vary my tone. The attention to detail and support has been brilliant.

Paul was very well prepared for our zoom meetings, which, though scheduled for an hour, normally lasted for one-and-a-half hours. He also did a write-up and analysis of our session, which was always informative and enlightening.

Additionally, Paul also displays a sense of fun, which makes the meetings even more enjoyable and productive.

As a result of my five meetings with Paul, I feel immeasurably more confident in the delivery of my ceremonies. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone involved in public speaking, who wants to enhance their delivery.