Confidence and Performance Anxiety

Just about everyone speaking to even a small group of people will experience a change of feeling before the event. This can be anywhere on the spectrum from a heightening which borders on excitement, to downright terror. Most of us sit somewhere in the middle. For a lot of people, the feeling is always there at the start of the event, no matter how experienced we are, and gradually subsides as the event unfolds. With some guidance, this process can be speeded up and reduced. We can learn how to come to grips with the anxiety. It’s an individual process – what works for one person may not do the same for another. I have an array of approaches to this for you to choose from, which can equally be applied to online communication.

And it’s not just speaking to people in the flesh. Does the thought of hosting an online meeting or recording a video fill you with dread? What about presenting a podcast, even making phone calls? Do they seem challenging? Even if you don’t use these skills professionally, they’re important in everyday life.