The Axe Factor – all about accents

26 November 2022

. There’s been quite a bit in the news recently about regional accents, and how they can act as barriers, both socially, and in the workplace. Because of my line of work, they come into my mind quite a lot. I call their effect The Axe Factor (it’s catchier than The Accent Factor), and I […]

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What I Really Like Doing

28 November 2023

I love my job. Well, jobs, really! I’ve been mad keen on singing since I was a teenager – but that’s for another day. I’m also a voice coach, specialising in working with celebrants and celebrants in training. I have a heck of a lot of suggestions to offer which can help you to considerably […]

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The Two Sides of What I Do – Part 2, the Sequel

19 November 2023

Welcome back! This is about the other part of what I teach – communication and presentation. I enjoy the voice training, which I think of as the raw ingredients. And I particularly relish what I’m about to describe because this is the creative side of things – with the celebrant being like a chef, bringing […]

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The Two Sides of What I Do – Part 1

18 November 2023

Well, fancy meeting you here, in World Celebrant Week! I bet you have a favourite singer or singers. And I expect that whenever you hear a singer, you quickly know how much you like what you hear (or not). You assess their singing. Do you go through the same process when you hear somebody speaking? […]

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Knowing What You Don’t Know

15 November 2023

As a celebrant, you might think that you know all you need to know. You’re clear about what you don’t know, and you don’t need that information or those skills. But there might be things that you just aren’t aware of – either because you’ve never thought of them, or they’ve never been pointed out […]

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Want to be an Even Better Celebrant?

3 June 2023

Because I’m passionate about helping people develop their voices and their communication and presentation skills, I love sharing my knowledge and experience with celebrants in training, and working celebrants. I have two aims: for each person I work with: to have a pleasant-sounding voice; and the ability to speak to an audience/congregation/gathering of people in […]

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A Tribute to Celebrants

12 March 2023

Celebrants wear several hats. (If you wear 3, is it a hattrick?) They’re a one-(wo)man team. And they can make the difference between an average ceremony and a special one.

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My Background and Celebrant Training

19 February 2023

What skills and experience do I bring the celebrant and voice training in general?

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Celebrants: Don’t Fall at the Final Hurdle

16 February 2023

Why celebrants need high-quality voice and presentation training to enable their ceremonies to shine.

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Nobody’s Perfect

5 January 2023

Is there a perfectionist in you, bursting to get out of the bottle? That certainly rings a bell with me! I try to keep the cork in place so that doesn’t happen, and as I’ve got older, I’ve become a bit more successful in the arm wrestle between me and the cork. But Mr Perfectionist […]

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Confessions of a Santa Claus

20 December 2022

(Not for the eyes of those who still believe!) My first confession is that I wasn’t the real Santa, although I did a pretty fair impression. Mind you, I had plenty of practice! Five days a week, for seven weeks, every year for 12 years, I was the ultimate toy boy… well, one of them. […]

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