Why People Come For This Training

People come for many different reasons! Yours will be in here somewhere.

To have a more attractive voice. To increase self-confidence.

You might want your voice to suggest masculinity… or femininity.

To be more authoritative. To command respect.

You may want to sound more mature… or younger.

To increase your sense of self-worth and wellbeing.

To improve your self-respect. To instil confidence in others.

To help your communication skills.

To add to your presentation or performance skills.

To make a better impression at interviews.

To be heard (and noticed) in social situations.

To have a clearer sound, and diction – you may have friends, family members or colleagues frequently having to ask you to repeat yourself because you don’t speak clearly.

It could be you’d like to make a more favourable impression on colleagues and people you’re in charge of… and on people who are in charge of you.

Your aim might be to be able to speak more clearly in challenging circumstances – if you’re a teacher, lecturer, fitness instructor, factory worker, road builder – you name it, anyone who struggles with the vocal demands of the job.

How to keep your voice in good shape.

To develop a wider vocal range. To develop a bigger voice.

To soften an accent. To learn how to speak with a particular accent.

To increase stamina, for if you need to speak for long periods.

How to make the most of your voice as it is now, and how to improve it.

These reasons can apply to informal conversational situations, and to formal ones – where you could be speaking in person in meetings, presentations, speeches and addresses.