Lianne Downey

Published: 5 February 2023

Paul is brilliant and has challenged me and my voice in ways I did not know were possible. He helped me to recognise that an accent is not a bad thing and together we determined how my accent is more prominent when I am speaking from memory as opposed to reading from a script. I try to minimise my accent when I’m reading, and this is so obvious to me now. I don’t sound authentic, because me without an accent is not authentic. I speak with a Geordie accent, and the likelihood is most of my clients will too. I don’t need to be ‘posh’, I need to be me!!

He also taught me how to slow my words, take pauses and sound like I am recalling a memory which allows a script to sound more considered. I might not have known the person I am presenting about but I need to sound like I do.

I didn’t realise before working with Paul how our voice was an instrument – and like all instruments it needs to be treated with care, and warmed up before using. I spend all day talking and since working with Paul I am much more aware of how my voice sounds.

I found Paul to be kind, friendly, engaging and very easy to work with.