When You’re Online

Particularly since the advent of Covid-19, making the most of how you come across on camera has become important. Clients can be won and lost by your online presence. I can help you look and sound your best on Zoom, Skype, Teams and so on.

How do you look? How do you sound? Are you on-mic, or do you sound as if you’re speaking in an echo chamber? Do you look like you’re making eye-contact? Are you squeezed up in the corner of the screen, or way down the bottom of the picture so that you resemble Wilfred from the Bash Street Kids? Do you say ‘you know’, ‘to be honest’, ‘to be fair’ ‘obviously’ and many other possibilities, every few seconds?

Does the thought of hosting an online meeting or recording a video fill you with dread? What about presenting a podcast, even making phone calls? Do they seem challenging? Even if you don’t use these skills professionally, they’re important in everyday life.