What I Really Like Doing

28 November 2023

I love my job. Well, jobs, really! I’ve been mad keen on singing since I was a teenager – but that’s for another day. I’m also a voice coach, specialising in working with celebrants and celebrants in training. I have a heck of a lot of suggestions to offer which can help you to considerably […]

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The Two Sides of What I Do – Part 2, the Sequel

19 November 2023

Welcome back! This is about the other part of what I teach – communication and presentation. I enjoy the voice training, which I think of as the raw ingredients. And I particularly relish what I’m about to describe because this is the creative side of things – with the celebrant being like a chef, bringing […]

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The Two Sides of What I Do – Part 1

18 November 2023

Well, fancy meeting you here, in World Celebrant Week! I bet you have a favourite singer or singers. And I expect that whenever you hear a singer, you quickly know how much you like what you hear (or not). You assess their singing. Do you go through the same process when you hear somebody speaking? […]

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Want to be an Even Better Celebrant?

3 June 2023

Because I’m passionate about helping people develop their voices and their communication and presentation skills, I love sharing my knowledge and experience with celebrants in training, and working celebrants. I have two aims: for each person I work with: to have a pleasant-sounding voice; and the ability to speak to an audience/congregation/gathering of people in […]

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Celebrants: Don’t Fall at the Final Hurdle

16 February 2023

Why celebrants need high-quality voice and presentation training to enable their ceremonies to shine.

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Voice Training

15 April 2022

When was the last time you thought “Ooooh, I like that voice”? Or maybe the opposite when you heard a voice that made you want to move on quickly or reach for the off switch? For a while I’ve been wondering if people notice voices much at all these days, but I was stuck on […]

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