Voice Training

My Evolution as a Voice Coach

10 April 2024

Looking back at when I started working with celebrants and trainee celebrants, it seems like aeons ago; and, in comparison to now, I was like a one-cell amoeba floating around in a primordial celebrant soup. Recently I put up a blog about how it’s possible to have your eyes opened to new methods and thoughts […]

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For The Love Of Mic

12 March 2024

I’ve been using microphones professionally in different contexts since my mid-twenties, and it’s safe to say that I love them. That love goes hand in hand with my passion of anything to do with voice – speaking and singing. I’ll write more about voice from time to time, but this one’s about the use of […]

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An Identity Crisis?  Not Really

4 February 2024

Am I a voice and communication teacher? A celebrant-presentation tutor? Maybe a vocal coach? (I’d love to work with someone called Meg – then I could say I’m a Meghan Trainer!) * A mixture of those titles would do, but there’s another ingredient in the celebrant mix: your personality! Voice, communication and personality are inextricably […]

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Show and Tell

29 January 2024

I expect the words ‘show and tell’ might take you back to your schooldays. We’d be asked to take something from home to the classroom, and tell the class about it – why we chose it, where we got it from… why someone else may be interested in it. It’s usually associated with younger kids, […]

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Why the L? Why the L not!

2 January 2024

I’ve been doing this voice-training thing for an L of a long time, but I’m proud to say that I haven’t thrown my L plates away. I’m always open to learning new skills and ideas, and I’m delighted when I do. I can think of several things that I’ve acquired or worked out for myself […]

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Confessions of a Santa Claus – Part 2

18 December 2023

A couple of weeks ago, I shared again part 1 of last year’s Christmas blog – Confessions of a Santa Claus. I didn’t have the space to include everything in it that I’d like to have written. Here’s a very quick catchup on the background of it! I was Santa for 12 years at Center […]

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It’s the Little Things

14 December 2023

There are some mighty big things you need to be on top of when you’re a celebrant. Here are four, straight off! How you interact with your clients; your creativity so that you can fashion a brilliant ceremony; and your presentation skills. I know what you’re thinking – but I’d divide presentation into your voice […]

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Your Sunday-Best Voice

9 December 2023

Quite a few years ago our younger daughter had a sleepover organised with a friend in town. I was the designated driver. (Not that sort! She was only 10!) We live in a country area, and car cleaning has never been a priority – but that day, ours looked like something out of the Beverly […]

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What I Really Like Doing

28 November 2023

I love my job. Well, jobs, really! I’ve been mad keen on singing since I was a teenager – but that’s for another day. I’m also a voice coach, specialising in working with celebrants and celebrants in training. I have a heck of a lot of suggestions to offer which can help you to considerably […]

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The Two Sides of What I Do – Part 2, the Sequel

19 November 2023

Welcome back! This is about the other part of what I teach – communication and presentation. I enjoy the voice training, which I think of as the raw ingredients. And I particularly relish what I’m about to describe because this is the creative side of things – with the celebrant being like a chef, bringing […]

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