Knowing What You Don’t Know

Published: 15 November 2023

As a celebrant, you might think that you know all you need to know. You’re clear about what you don’t know, and you don’t need that information or those skills.

But there might be things that you just aren’t aware of – either because you’ve never thought of them, or they’ve never been pointed out to you. And maybe you haven’t recorded yourself recently. It’s hard to be truly objective about how you sound and look when you’re out there actually doing the business.

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As well as celebrants-in-training, who I coach in voice, communication and presentation, I work with already-qualified celebrants who come to me because they haven’t had much, if any, of the training I give. They usually have specific things that they want us to work on. But during our sessions, they keep saying things like “I’d never thought of that”; “Why hasn’t anyone told me that before?”; “That makes so much sense”; and “What a great tip!”

Truly a lightbulb moment

The result is that each person I work with ends up having the tools at their disposal to improve how their voice sounds, and even more importantly, to be able to dramatically improve how they communicate their carefully written words. They’re able to bring their ceremonies to life.

Working celebrants have a better grasp of the challenges they might face when conducting a ceremony. They come to realise that what I share with them can enable them to start working at a more advanced level. So, if you’re a celebrant who’s keen to hold the ceremonial space at a very high standard, please don’t assume you have nothing to improve in your presentation. Maybe you haven’t: but how do you know?

This is why I offer a free no-obligation chat (phone or Zoom) so you can see whether you’d benefit from working with me. Usually, the answer is yes. I work on a session-by-session basis. Some people book just one, and take it from there. Others commit to between two and four sessions. I charge £70 for a one-hour session. (And as someone remarks in the testimonials, I’m generous with my time.) If you have four sessions, you’ll get the fifth one free of charge.

This blog tells you why I’m highly qualified to be a celebrant voice, presentation and communication coach. (You’ll also get some context about the yawning bloke above!)

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