I received a lovely compliment this morning – but it’s really a compliment for Paul. The Chapel Attendant, John, at the Crem where I work a lot told me a story about a Celebrant he holds in high esteem- a gentleman who retired recently. John then told me that I’m the only Celebrant he knows who is as good as that chap, because I make the eulogy flow naturally, rather than speaking like most of the other Celebrants, who sound like they’re preaching or reading from a story book. This Chapel Attendant even recommended me for his brother-in-law’s funeral. So, the voice training clearly did the trick Paul – thank you for helping us all to be the best we can x

Glynis Haveron – again!

I had a number of voice training sessions with the wonderful Paul Robinson, excellent voice over artist and Celebrant.

Paul taught me how to confidently deliver those ceremonies – how to use my breath, how to infuse emotion, how to make the script appear as if it is just occurring to me, truly a skill I did not know I needed, but it has made such a difference to my delivery.

And it’s also the reason why I now, as completely tone deaf and unmusical as I am, I croon along to all the songs on the car radio, to help condition my voice for speaking – other car drivers must think I’m a nutter when they pass me, because I really get into it!

Michelle Knight

“Paul Robinson is an alchemist. The definition is: A person who transforms or creates something through a seemingly magical process.

When someone has the ability to help you to weave your written words into something that touches others, then that is alchemy. You may have written a beautifully crafted piece or you might have written something you feel is quite average. You read it to Paul and he helps you to transport it into a living memory…there is a chemical reaction that happens when he highlights to you that those words need to come from your heart space as if they were new thoughts to you. He teaches you how to pause, as if there is a new idea, a new memory and bring it to life. That sense of making your words come “alive” can bring depth, range and meaning to others in the way you present them. You can have the most amazing speaking voice… but if you have not had the training that Paul offers… or have had speech training… there is no way that you can deliver them in a way that makes your words have “life”. He helps you to add colour, strength and majesty to your words. Having had the hardest task of conducting a funeral for a dear, dear friend, I can truthfully say that without Paul’s help and guidance, I would not have been able to do so and honour her with anchorage and trust that my voice would be heard, and my delivery would be authentic.

As I said… Paul is an alchemist. I thank my lucky stars for his training.”

Kay Manby

My work with Paul has been phenomenal. I knew I could read fluently, but now I realise there is so much more to do, to be able to ‘communicate’ well, especially as a celebrant, but also for life in general. I understand that by working on my voice and investing time and effort, I can both improve and prolong it. I think I took my voice for granted… it’s unseen, it just happens, but actually, it deserves a whole lot more attention.


I found it quite profound to have Paul suggest the various intonations possible within a piece of prose, the ‘wistful remembering’, the ‘remember we mentioned that before’, the amusing, the sad, the not-quite-so-sad …. I realised how much just gets processed in the brain without any real consideration or appreciation, it just happens and again, is taken for granted. Just as I now look for symbolism in everything, so too do I listen with more awareness to people speaking, rather than just a fleeting, unconscious, ‘I like that voice’ or ‘I don’t like that voice’. I now stop and truly listen.


I also understand a little more about the art and craft of acting, and I realise once again, how something that can appear so effortless is really incredibly thought-through. I have definitely experienced a shift within my own appreciation of acting and speaking.


Thank you, Paul.

Lorraine Haven

Paul is brilliant and has challenged me and my voice in ways I did not know were possible. He helped me to recognise that an accent is not a bad thing and together we determined how my accent is more prominent when I am speaking from memory as opposed to reading from a script. I try to minimise my accent when I’m reading, and this is so obvious to me now. I don’t sound authentic, because me without an accent is not authentic. I speak with a Geordie accent, and the likelihood is most of my clients will too. I don’t need to be ‘posh’, I need to be me!!

He also taught me how to slow my words, take pauses and sound like I am recalling a memory which allows a script to sound more considered. I might not have known the person I am presenting about but I need to sound like I do.

I didn’t realise before working with Paul how our voice was an instrument – and like all instruments it needs to be treated with care, and warmed up before using. I spend all day talking and since working with Paul I am much more aware of how my voice sounds.

I found Paul to be kind, friendly, engaging and very easy to work with.

Lianne Downey

I contacted Paul with a view to improving my delivery of civil funeral ceremonies. I found him to be warm and welcoming, as well as professional and informative.

Paul has helped me immensely to analyse my delivery, take more pauses, embrace the people present, and vary my tone. The attention to detail and support has been brilliant.

Paul was very well prepared for our zoom meetings, which, though scheduled for an hour, normally lasted for one-and-a-half hours. He also did a write-up and analysis of our session, which was always informative and enlightening.

Additionally, Paul also displays a sense of fun, which makes the meetings even more enjoyable and productive.

As a result of my five meetings with Paul, I feel immeasurably more confident in the delivery of my ceremonies. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone involved in public speaking, who wants to enhance their delivery.

Mike Snow

Paul has a very relaxed and humorous manner, which makes learning stress-free and fun.

The voice-coaching I receive is invaluable.   Paul has encouraged me to enhance my ceremony voice by adding tone, space, and emphasis.

As I continue with voice-coaching my ceremonies improve.

Thanks Paul.

Lesley Wyatt

Paul Robinson is the very best teacher!

Kate Simpson

I just wanted to let you know I have done my first funeral service.

It was in a small chapel with a burial afterward.  There was no microphone!  So, I practiced my voice projection and cast my mind back to the exercises we did.  Paul, it worked.  I was heard and understood, by the people inside and those standing by the open double doors, including the Funeral Director.

Thank you for your time and patience, the skills I learned with you I use daily, not just in my work as a celebrant but in all aspects of my life.

I still enjoy saying “eeeh pet” in various pitches!

Many thanks, Paul, you are a star!

Kate Pope

Paul is a brilliant teacher and instructor. I really enjoyed working with him for my voice training as part of the Heart-led celebrant training programme.

Paul is a really engaging teacher; he is very empathetic, intuitive and understanding. I learned a lot from my sessions about voice work and all aspects of projection and protecting the voice. I found it really easy to have a conversation with Paul, about the voice or anything else for that matter! It was great to learn in such a fun and relaxed way.

I am looking forward to working with Paul again.

Josie Perry

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